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Expect to find that every measure is taken to make your visits relaxed, comfortable and safe. Our office has been professionally designed, staffed and equipped to provide you with the best and most current care possible.

In an effort to help you restore and maintain optimal health, you will find it helpful to know about the diagnostic tests and adjunct therapies that we offer in our office. They are all designed to enhance the effectiveness of the primary treatment, the adjustment. Most patients find that the indicated therapies help them to achieve improved health, decreased pain and improved function in less time. Our therapies are affordable, convenient and can be scheduled alone or in combination with your adjustments. If you have not yet had the opportunity to experience these therapies, please inquire about a demonstration at no charge.


Manual manipulation, Low-force instrument manipulation, Myofascial therapy, Cranial techniques, Acupuncture meridian therapy, Clinical nutrition, Dietary management, Reflex procedures, In-office laboratory, On-site complete radiology facility, Cold laser therapy, Ionic detoxification foot bath, Toxic and Elemental Hair Analysis, Salivary hormone profiles, Purification programs, and Environmental and food sensitivity blood tests.

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Effective Source of Preventative / Wellness Care

We are specialists in chiropractic and recognized around the area.
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Applied Kinesiology
Proven Patient Therapy
Applied Kinesiology

Complementary therapies providing an interdisciplinary approach to health care.
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Nutrition / Supplements
Vitamins, minerals, herbs and homeopathic preparations

Essential evaluation and correction of nutritional deficiencies.
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