Manuel Aranguren, LMT

Manuel Aranguren, LMT

University College Hotel School of Venezuela – Bachelors Degree in Hotel and Hospitality Management 2003
Parker College School of Massage Therapy Dallas, TX – Graduated with honors and received the Professional Quality and Health Award April 2010.

Therapist is certified by the Texas Department of State Health Services as a Licensed Massage Therapist.

600-hour comprehensive program includes 320 hours in science and therapeutic bodywork and over 200 hours of classroom, lab, clinical courses and 80 hours of clinic internship. Specialized techniques: Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Eastern modalities and Reflexology.


  • Gross Anatomy for Massage Therapists
  • Lower back pain with Ben Benjamin & Whitney Lowe
  • Learning to palpate effectively with Dr. Joseph Musculino
  • Assessment and methods for the shoulder girdle with Dough Nelson

Manuel combines different techniques to encourage and accelerate the healing process. His motto is, “A massage is not a luxury for the rich; it is a need to soothe the stress that life throws at you.” His treatments are offered in combination with your chiropractic care to ensure an integrated approach and outcome or independently tailored to suit your specific needs.

Manuel is a Venezuelan by birth, a massage therapist by trade, a Christian by choice and an active member of church—Awarded “Man of the Year 2009” for over 200 hours of volunteer work. He has lived in Barbados, Dubai, Dominican Republic, Bermuda and the United States. He speaks English, Spanish and Portuguese. His favorite past time is playing baseball. He also enjoys burst training, soccer, documentaries and bible reading.

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