Diaphragm Breathing

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By: Dr. Eileen Psencik

How to Properly Consume Your Oxygen!

What is the correct way to breathe?
When you inhale your stomach should rise to allow your diaphragm to drop and your lungs to fully expand. This means stick your stomach out! When you exhale, bring your belly button into your spine. The best example of this is healthy newborn babies! Somewhere along the way, most people seem to get off this ideal breathing pattern and relearning it can be very frustrating.

Below are instructions on how to focus on your ideal breathing.

  • IN nose and OUT nose
  • Breathing should initiate from the lower abdomen, the deeper and more relaxed a breath is, the lower the abdomen it originates
  • Your lower ribs should expand out
  • Your shoulders should not move up vertically
  • Focus on the exhalation, emptying the lungs

Practice your proper breathing
1. 2x/day (morning and afternoon/evening) for 10-20 breaths
2. 1x/hour for 2-3 breaths

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