Chiropractic & Conception: Research lends hope for Infertility

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A study authored by Dr. Madeline Behrendt, Chairwoman of the World Chiropractic Alliance Council on Woman’s Health, links chiropractic care and the ability of previously infertile woman to conceive a baby and carry it full term. Behrendt’s work entitled Insult, Interference and Infertility: An Overview of Chiropractic Research was published in the Journal of Vertebral […]

How To Calculate Your Maximum Heart Rate

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By: Dr. Eileen Psencik Working out with a heart rate monitor is wonderful, but only if you know what you are doing! It can help you improve performance, increase endurance, enhance your cardiovascular system and make your workouts a healing experience! To begin, you must calculate your maximum heart rate. Then you can determine when […]

Greenville Avenue Chiropractic introduces a state-of-the-art painless and drugless treatment for acne: Erchonia DermaLaser™

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Free Clinical Trial Now Underway for the Treatment of Acne Call our office to see if you qualify! (214)823-1323 The Erchonia DermaLASER™ is the FIRST and ONLY Low Level Laser to be given FDA market clearance for the treatment of acne. The ErchoniaDerma LASER™ is a low-level, or cold laser, that works by killing the […]

Bridging the Gap: between Chiropractic & Medicine Vol. 1 Num. 3: Fatigue

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Fatigue makes people unnecessarily uncomfortable, unhappy and unproductive. It is one of the most common complaints we hear, yet it should not be accepted as normal, at any age. Fatigue takes many forms: mental, physical and chemical. People who can’t seem to get their brains and their bodies in gear usually have both physical and […]

Welcome to our new website!

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Welcome to the new website for Greenville Avenue Chiropractic! We are happy to provide our patients with the best possible service and treatments, and we believe this site will serve as a resource for everyone.