Bridging the Gap: between Chiropractic & Medicine Vol. 1 Num. 3: Fatigue

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Fatigue makes people unnecessarily uncomfortable, unhappy and unproductive. It is one of the most common complaints we hear, yet it should not be accepted as normal, at any age.
Fatigue takes many forms: mental, physical and chemical. People who can’t seem to get their brains and their bodies in gear usually have both physical and chemical imbalances. Fortunately, most of these are correctable.
Common causes of fatigue:
1. Dehydration is one of the most common causes of fatigue. Drinking more water is the simple solution to this problem. Most people need to drink a minimum of five or six 8 oz. glasses of water between meals, not with meals. Other liquids such as juice, coffee or tea may NOT be substituted for water as all other liquids are processed differently.
2. Oxygen/carbon dioxide regulation is another common reason for fatigue. Although this takes place in the lungs, there are many areas of the body which have a greater influence on oxygen and carbon dioxide and thus upon the energy level of the body. The diaphragm or breathing muscle is one of the more important areas of oxygen and carbon dioxide regulation, as it is the reason air is brought in and pushed out of the lungs.
3. Low hemoglobin (anemia) or a low red blood cell count may be another reason for improper oxygen usage. This is only sometimes caused by low iron. Others include: poor digestion, lack of vitamin B-1 and liver problems.
4. Adrenal insufficiency is another common reason for fatigue. The adrenal glands are our reserve energy supply and have a major influence upon blood sugar. Other hormonal influences include the thyroid and other glands, and metabolism in general, all of which are responsible for energy.
5. Poor circulation of blood and lymph (the waste removal system) is sometimes related to fatigue. When the circulatory system isn’t working properly, oxygen and nutrients cannot reach all the cells of the body and waste products cannot be removed. One of the best ways to improve circulation is to exercise.
6. Nutritional imbalances can also cause fatigue. This can be something as simple as a vitamin B-12 deficiency or too much protein, or it can be something more complex, such as an accumulation of various vitamin or mineral deficiencies over a period of time.

In conclusion, fatigue may be the result of any one or a combination of these causes. The key is to find any problems and correct them. AK helps us to get accurate information as to the underlying cause. We also appreciate the need for diagnostics and medicine, but caution when it is best to use them. A combination of both may be needed.

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