Introducing the Dolphin Neurostim MPS (Microcurrent Point Stimulator)

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The Dolphin MPS electrically locates and stimulates a specific series of treatment points (acupuncture, trigger and motor) which have been proven to help relieve chronic pain syndromes. After the Dolphin MPS unit has located each treatment point and you push the treatment button, what exactly does the unit do to your body to relieve pain? The following explanation should help to answer that question.

First, in acupuncture and trigger point therapy, the insertion of needles has been scientifically proven to stimulate the release of powerful internal opiates called endorphins. These natural pain relievers are secreted from the pituitary and are circulated throughout your body via your blood stream. Not only are endorphins the most powerful pain relievers known to mankind, they enhance the immune system, reduce stress and produce a feeling of euphoria (endorphins are your feel-good hormones).

Science has long known that a special form of low frequency DC electrical stimulation applied to these same points can reproduce the endorphin response just as in traditional needling. The Dolphin MPS is the ONLY hand held device on the market that duplicates these parameters. So the first reason why the Dolphin MPS works so well for pain relief is that it taps into our body’s own internal pain relieving system, the endorphin response.

Secondly, the Dolphin MPS releases or relaxes contracted and spastic muscles. One approach to pain management, called the neuropathic pain model, suggests that tightened/contracted muscles cause mechanical/structural asymmetry and nerve entrapments throughout the body. This asymmetry not only strains the body’s movement and mechanics, but the resulting nerve entrapments place the pathways in a hypersensitive state, causing an amplification of pain response for the suffering person. The theory suggests this amplification of neural sensation, called “dennervation supersensitivity” accompanied with the subsequent muscle contraction(s), may now be the primary physiological basis of many chronic pain syndromes.

Applying the Dolphin MPS to tightened and contracted muscles, or to treatment points which relate to them, “releases” the muscles and permits increased reinnervation of their neural pathways. This process allows the suffering person’s pain levels to be substantially decreased.

In other words, by relaxing the muscles there is less pressure on the nerves which calms the nerve pathways, permitting greater range of motion and increased functionality. Also, by keeping the muscles soft and supple you guard yourself against further injury while at the same time maintaining optimal health of muscle tissue.

Finally, the Dolphin MPS unit itself has the ability to either increase or decrease the amount of circulation in the area of injury. To decrease the circulation would be similar to ice therapy and is most beneficial for pain control and reduction of swelling. To increase would be similar to heat therapy and is most beneficial for immune enhancement and neural regeneration. Helping to decrease or increase the blood flow to the area greatly contributes to the natural healing process.

For more information about this exciting new tool for pain relief, visit

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Resveratrol prevents the formation of cancer cells

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According to the National Cancer Institute, resveratrol is one of a category of plant compounds called polyphenols. You’ll find high concentrations of resveratrol in red wine, grapes, raspberries and other plants.

In fact, these and other plants produce resveratrol to protect themselves from fungus, infection and disease. And this same compound can help prevent cell damage and protect humans from diseases too.

Scientists have discovered that resveratrol is a strong antioxidant that helps protect your cells from damaging free radicals.

Free radicals are unstable oxygen molecules that steal electrons from other cells to become more stable. Cells with missing electrons become damaged and unstable—which can make you vulnerable to diseases such as cancer.

But research shows resveratrol has the power to stop the damage that free radicals inflict on cells. That helps prevent the formation of cancer cells.

Here’s What the Science Says So Far…
According to a study published in the July 1st, 2008 issue of Cancer Prevention Research1, Doctors Ercole Cavalieri and Eleanor Rogen of the University of Nebraska Medical Center wanted to determine how resveratrol might impact the formation of cancer cells.

The researchers tested a blend of resveratrol, the amino acid n-acetyl-l-cysteine, lipoic acid, and melatonin. They found that adding resveratrol greatly enhanced the body’s natural protective mechanisms.

In their study these scientists tested the formula with and without resveratrol. They found that adding resveratrol greatly reduced the formation of breast cancer cells.

More studies are underway to see how resveratrol affects the initiation, promotion, and progression of cancer. In addition to killing breast cancer cells, studies have shown so far that resveratrol could be an effective way to:

•Blast neuroblastoma
Neuroblastoma is a disease of the sympathetic nervous system and the most common cancer during infancy. It’s a type of brain cancer that tragically affects babies and toddlers. Standard treatments of radiation and chemotherapy are often ineffective and have serious side effects. Most of the time the conventional treatments fail.

According to study results published in Clinical Cancer Research2, researchers tested resveratrol on mouse models of human neuroblastoma and in vitro (test tubes) using human cells. They found that resveratrol inhibited the outgrowth of tumors by as much as 80%!

It will be wonderful if those results hold up in real humans with brain cancer.

•Eliminate eye cancer
One animal study3 showed resveratrol administered orally and by injection caused eye cancer cells (uveal melanoma) to shrivel and die.

•Pulverize prostate cancer cells                                                                               Several studies have demonstrated that resveratrol might prevent or diminish prostate cancer severity. In one study that examined different types of prostate cancer cells4, resveratrol was the most potent of all polyphenols tested against advanced prostate cancer cells.

•Save skin from melanoma cancer
In a 2005 study5, researchers at the University of Wisconsin, Department of Dermatology, applied resveratrol to the skin of hairless mice prior to sun exposure. The mice treated with resveratrol experienced fewer skin tumors than mice that did not receive the treatment. Researchers also found that applying resveratrol to skin after exposure to ultraviolet rays helped prevent skin tumors.

*PERSONAL COMMENT- This compound should not be left out of any cancer battle. We have seen amazing results working with Eniva’s Resvante (resveratrol) product. Resvante is resveratrol in liquid form. It is so much more concentrated than a tablet or capsule form of resveratrol. Any nutrient used by the body must first be converted to a liquid for use – why not bring it into the body in a cell ready form to begin with? The Resvante is cell ready before it ever hits your lips AND is also a great tasting product. A rich grape/pomegranate flavor with just a hint of wine makes it a very popular tasting product along with being a dynamic health benefit for the user.

What Your Food Cravings Really Mean!

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By: Dr. Eileen Psencik

Attempting to avoid those holiday treats at the multiple events you are required to attend this holiday can be nearly impossible. What most people do not know is that your insatiable cravings could mean something; they could be your bodies cry for nutrition!  Most who have tried to diet once in their lifetime have heard that hunger pains could be mistaken for dehydration (the bodies cry for water).  This holiday season listen to your body, see what your crave most from that sweets table and try reaching for these foods instead. Personally, I like to come to holiday events prepared, taking extra adrenal support like Nutriwest’s DSF and having my SP Allerplex on hand in case I am exposed to any foods that I am sensitive to.  A great herbal remedy to curb sugar cravings is Standard Process’ Gymnema.  You may see a trend in the list below – load up on your proteins, good fats, fresh fruits and vegetables during the stressful holiday season.  Getting the right good fats can be complicated, remember to have us check what oils you are taking to help curb the cravings and reduce your inflammation.

Craving Chocolate?  Need Magnesium.  Food Sources: Raw nuts and seeds, legumes, fruit

Craving Sweets? Deficient in Chromium, Carbon, Phosphorus, Sulfur and Tryptophan.  Found in: broccoli, grapes, cheese, chicken, fresh fruits, beef, fish, eggs, nuts, cranberries, kale, cabbage, any tree-like greens, raisins, sweet potato, spinach

Craving Bread/ToastNeed Nitrogen.  Found in: high protein foods                       

Craving Salty FoodsChloride deficiency.  Try using mineral packed sea salt and make sure to take your adrenal supplements!

Craving Fatty foodsNeed Calcium.  Foods: Broccoli, kale, legumes, cheese, sesame

  1. Lectures, Cheryl M. Deroin, NMD, Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, Spring 2003 (healthy food recommendations)
  2. Bernard Jenson, PhD, The Chemistry of Man B. Jensen Publisher, 1983 (deficiencies linked to specific cravings and some food recommendations)

 TRY A MASSAGE! Most people think of massages for muscle aches, but it is much more than that. It increases blood flow to your muscles, stimulates lymphatic flow and improves tissue drainage to help your immune system.

Free Radicals

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By: Dr. Eileen Psencik

Ó   Free radicals

 We have all heard of them, and we know they are bad, but what really are those elusive little things called free radicals?  A free radical is any molecule on your body that has an unpaired electron in its outer shell.  (For example Ó)  A stable atom or molecule will have all of their electrons paired in their outer shell (to follow the example ?), so when a free radical has an unpaired electron it goes on a scavenger hunt to look for an electron to steal, this is why they are said to be extremely “reactive.”  However, when the free radical steals an electron from another molecule, it leaves that molecule unstable now and hungry for an electron to pair with!  So just one free radical can create a chain reaction that leads to more.  Free radicals can react with a number of different things to steal that electron that they so desperately want.  Free radicals can also attack your cells membranes which is your cells true life line.  When free radicals react with proteins in your body, they change the shape of that protein and alter or completely inhibit the proteins functional capabilities.  Protein aggregates such as these are what is seen within a brain in Parkinson’s disease and other movement disorders. 

Oxygen molecules with an unpaired electron, called oxygen free radicals, can bind to iron-sulphur containing molecules creating extremely damaging hydroxyl radicals that surmount your body’s normal biochemical supplies of antioxidants and result in what is called oxidative stress.  The powerhouses of your cells are mitochondria, small organs within your cells that produce your energy molecule, ATP.  Here, your body runs into a problem – called aging.  The vast majority of free radicals come from mitochondria and your mitochondria are particularly susceptible to oxygen free radicals.  When you cannot produce enough ATP you cannot heal, and you age.  You also begin to interfere with neuron function.  To us, this looks like as your connective tissues begin to break down, your skin sags, your muscles simply don’t have as much power as they did 20 years ago and you aren’t as quick, or in other words, your neurons aren’t firing like they were in your prime.

Find out more on how to remove free radicals from your body!  Our Ioncleanse foot bath detox treatments do just that by creating a negative charge in the water that pulls out the positively charged free radicals. 

 MASSAGE SPECIAL: With the foot detox , we offer a lower leg lymphatic drainage massage and reflexology to help your body detox free radicals.

High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS)

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By: Dr. Eileen Psencik

What have you heard of High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS)?  Before taking a stand for or against HFCS, how about looking at the facts!  Ads have begun emerging stating HFCS is safe in moderation and there is no difference between it and sucrose (table sugar). If you haven’t seen these ads, you’ll likely see one.  The ads are funded by the Corn Refiners Association, which is funded and dependent on the success of HFCS.  As a consumer, you should be aware exactly what you, your family, and loved ones are eating on a regular basis.  Chances are you are consuming several products a day that contain HFCS and may not even be aware of it.

In 2010, Princeton researchers found that high-fructose corn syrup prompts considerably more weight gain.

  • Rats with access to HFCS gained significantly more weight than those with access to table sugar (sucrose), even when their overall caloric intake was the same.
  • Long term consumption of HFCS led to an increase in abdominal body fat, especially in the abdomen, and a rise in circulating blood fats known as triglycerides.
  • These same characteristics in humans are known risk factors for high blood pressure, coronary artery disease, cancer, and diabetes.

Bocarsly ME, Powell ES, Avena NM, Hoebel BG.  “High Fructose corn syrup causes characteristics of obesity in rats: increased body weight, body fat and triglyceride levels.” Pharmacol Biochem Behav. 2010 Nov;97(1):1001-6.

A 2008 study confirmed increased fructose intake is associated with obesity.

  • The study provides the first documentation that high-fructose diets can induce leptin resistance and subsequently predisposes the development of dietary obesity.
  • A leptin-resistant state disrupts normal energy homeostasis, favors positive energy storage, and thus obesity.

Stanhope KL, Havel PJ. Endocrine and metabolic effects of consuming beverages sweetened with fructose, glucose, sucrose, or high-fructose corn syrup.   Am J Clin Nutr. 2008 Dec;88(6):1733S-1737S.

Another article posted in 2008 in The Journal of Clinical Nutrition.  This article has some great facts about HFCS, though the article itself stands on the notion HFCS is no different than sucrose.  It states that worldwide, <10% of the sweetener used is HFCS.  The United States primarily uses HFCS because it’s abundance of corn and advanced refining technology


HFCS can disrupt your digestive system and bloating may occur in your ileocecal valve (ICV). I know we have all heard the Doctors talk about that. So when you come in make sure you listen to their instructions on how to improve ICV and help your digestive system!


Winter Fatigue

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By: Dr. Eileen Psencik

When it comes to fatigue, there are so many books out there that it could fill up a book store. We are not trying to cover all these possibilities here, just a few key things that can be important to consider as the temperatures start to drop. Your internal body temperature regulator organ is your thyroid. During the winter months, your thyroid has to work harder to keep you warm. When your thyroid is stressed, lack of nutrients that support the thyroid like Iodine, B vitamins, zinc, selenium, copper and manganese. Eniva’s Thyroid Care liquid helps support a low functioning thyroid by giving it these needed nutrients and Nutriwest’s Total Thyroid has desiccated thyroid to boost your own thyroid hormone production.

If your eyes are the window to your soul, then your posture is your window to your spine and brain. Slouching doesn’t just look bad, but it decreases your lung volume too. Less oxygen means you feel more tired.

The Miracle Fluid
When it comes to whether someone is getting enough water, there are several mistakes people commonly make. Many of my patients complain that they aren’t thirsty, or that they don’t have a dry mouth. The truth is a dry mouth and thirst are not signs to rely on. Another big excuse people commonly make is that they claim they couldn’t be dehydrated because today they had two coffees, tea, coke and water. However, other fluids like coffee and sodas are usually dehydrating fluids! You cannot replace good, clean water. So what are signs that you aren’t getting enough water? Number one is fatigue! When we are usually turning to our caffeine to pick us up, that is actually your body calling out for water! Also feeling hungry, irritable, anxious and depressed are signs that you are not getting enough of this miracle liquid. So how much water do you need to drink each day?

Your body weight in pounds x 0.5 = # of ounces per day of water you should drink

Water Soluble Potassium Iodide

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Radioactive isotopes unique to the Fukushima disaster are now being detected in at least 15 US states, according to recent reports from CNN (…). And the Associated Press (AP) has issued a report claiming that milk samples taken in Washington state have tested positive for low levels of the same radioactive component, Iodine-131, raising concerns about the true widespread effects of the Fukushima nuclear fallout (…).

Water-Soluble Potassium Iodide

In our office, we have researched and used many different kinds of iodine for many health conditions. By far, the most superior form that we have found  is Thyroid Care by Eniva. It is a highly absorbable liquid form of potassium iodide with 4 other trace minerals in solution to assist with full thyroid health and benefit. The product tastes good and is easy to use. Simply add it to water or juice and drink. Since the iodine is submicron/angstrom in size and in a liquid medium of ultra pure water it goes to work immediately with no waste. Using this form of iodide is almost like getting an IV without the needles. Whatever the body does not need it simply expels so there is no hazard of taking too much.

Eniva’s water-soluble Potassium Iodide can help to promote the healthy functioning of the thyroid gland and conditioning your thyroid for efficient uptake of iodine. In the event of contamination, if you have a properly functioning thyroid, it will take less time for a highly concentrated form of potassium iodide to fully saturate your thyroid, thus preventing the absorption of harmful radioactive iodine. It would be similar to watering your lawn. If you sprinkle it on a regular basis, the grass has a good, moist base. It doesn’t take much at the next watering to saturate it. If you let your lawn turn dry and brown, it will take many waterings and a very long time before it returns to a moist, healthy state; and even worse, may not have the ability to absorb water when it needs the moisture most. The bottom line is: the healthier your thyroid, the better your chances of survival in an attack or accident.

Minimizing Radiation Damage – Protect Your Thyroid

Nuclear activity produces many radioactive substances that can harm people. One such substance – radioactive iodine – poses a particular threat because the human thyroid gland rapidly absorbs and uses iodine as a fundamental building block to maintain life. This vital gland, located on either side of the middle of your neck, is very important for producing hormones that influence nearly every organ, every tissue and every cell in your body. Thyroid hormones regulate the body’s metabolism and organ function, affecting heart rate, cholesterol levels, body weight, energy levels, and muscle strength. The thyroid also controls your temperature, skin conditions, menstrual regularity, memory and even bowel function. Your thyroid is critical to your overall health, and without proper function, puts your entire body at risk!

Unfortunately, the human body cannot distinguish safe iodine from radioactive iodine. In a nuclear emergency, such as a nuclear attack or explosion, excessive amounts of radioactive iodine would be released to wreak havoc on living organisms. And, this toxic substance can travel thousands of miles through the air streams, from one continent to anther, settling in land, water, and inhabitants with literally no warning or warning signs. As stated in the following documents:

Report to the President’s Council on Environmental Quality: “Exposure can be a concern more than 100 miles downwind from an accident… thyroid damage could affect more people than any other radiation effect.”

The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists: “Following a catastrophic accident, hundreds of thousands of thyroid nodules cases could occur as well as tens of thousands of delayed cancer deaths.”

Even food sources can become contaminated, as evidenced in the Chernobyl incident where radioactive iodine fell on fields. Cows naturally ate the grass, and children then drank milk from the cows, resulting in additional harm to those children. Exposure to radioactive iodine is devastating. According to statistics put forth by the World Health Organization, over 50,000 expected cases of cancer amongst young people will have been attributed to the Chernobyl disaster.

And of great concern, is the fact that children are especially susceptible to radioactive iodine absorption resulting in increased rates of cancer, organ failure, birth defects, recurrent infections, impaired kidney function, infertility, fatigue, depression, digestive problems, weight irregularities, stunted growth, and even death.

Since the thyroid is programmed to take in iodine from the first available source, and it isn’t able to distinguish good iodine from bad iodine, radioactive iodine will be absorbed and damage will begin unless preventive steps have been taken.

The good news is that the thyroid gland can only store so much iodine. Taking a highly concentrated form of potassium iodide before or immediately after exposure will “flood,” or fill up, your thyroid gland with safe, stable iodine to a point where there is virtually no more room for radioactive iodine – the harmful iodine will be ignored and harmlessly excreted.

What Experts Say About Potassium Iodide

Just how effective can incorporating specially-designed iodine products be in the event of nuclear exposure?

World Health Organization: “Stable iodine administered before or promptly after intake of radioactive iodine can block or reduce the accumulation of radioactive iodine in the thyroid and significantly help to reduce damage from exposure.”

U.S. Food and Drug Administration: “The effectiveness of KI as a specific blocker of thyroid radioiodine uptake is well established (Il’in LA, et al., 1972) as are the doses necessary for blocking uptake. FDA maintains that potassium iodide is a safe and effective means by which to prevent radioactive iodine uptake by the thyroid gland, and thereby obviate the risk of thyroid cancer in the event of radiation emergency.”

“As time is of the essence in optimal prophylaxis with potassium iodide, timely administration to the public is a critical consideration in planning the emergency response to a radiation accident.”

“FDA also emphasizes that emergency response plans and any systems for ensuring availability of Potassium Iodide to the public should recognize the critical importance of such (distribution) in advance of exposure to radioiodine.”

American Thyroid Association: “KI floods the thyroid with safe iodine and prevents it from absorbing the radioactive form. Babies, children up to 18, and pregnant women are the most important to receive KI after exposure.”

“It is essential that, one way or another, enough KI be available to protect the public, especially children, in the event of a nuclear accident or act of radiological terrorism.”

Nuclear Regulatory Commission:”…only about 50% of the uptake of radioactive iodine is blocked if the iodine administration is delayed six hours after exposure, and little effect can be achieved if delayed more than 12 hours.”

(States should) “…consider potassium iodide as a supplement to evacuation and sheltering.” In December 2001, the NRC offered potassium iodide to states so that anyone living within 10 miles of a nuclear power plant would have enough supply to get out of town or wait for the radiation danger to pass.”

In addition, Cresson H. Kearny, author of Nuclear War Survival Skills, an original edition published by Oak Ridge National Laboratory, a Facility of the US Dept of Energy, states on page 111: “A form of the elements potassium and iodine, taken orally even in very small quantities before radioactive iodine is swallowed or inhaled, prevents about 99% of the damage to the thyroid gland that would otherwise result. ”

The US Food & Drug Administration has stated: “The effectiveness of Potassium Iodide as a specific blocker of radioactive iodine is well established. FDA maintains that potassium iodide is a safe and effective means by which to prevent radioactive iodine uptake by the thyroid gland, and thereby obviate the risk of thyroid cancer in the event of radiation emergency.”

And across the world, this scientific, documented information is recognized and endorsed. The World Health Organization in its 1999 Guidelines for Nuclear Accidents states: “Stable iodine administered before or promptly after intake of radioactive iodine can block or reduce the accumulation of radioactive iodine in the thyroid and significantly help to reduce damage from exposure.”

Statements like these have led nations across the world including, Great Britain, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, France, Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, and even Japan and Canada to endorse aggressive distribution of potassium iodide to its citizens.

The grave news is administering potassium iodide must be done in a very immediate fashion in the event of nuclear exposure. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission stated in July of 1998, “Potassium iodide, if taken in time, blocks the thyroid gland’s uptake of radioactive iodine and thus could help prevent thyroid cancers and other diseases caused by exposure in a nuclear accident.”

Unfortunately, being “too late” can mean damaged, even lost, lives. As stated in the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s Report No. 65:”…only about 50% of the uptake of radioactive iodine is blocked if the iodine administration is delayed six hours after exposure, and little effect can be achieved if delayed more than 12 hours.”

Remember, time is of the essence. Unless the government provides each household with adequate stock to have on hand before a nuclear radiation emergency, critical life-saving time would be needlessly wasted trying to distribute it.

Potassium Iodide Q&A

What Is It?

Potassium Iodide (KI) is a naturally occurring salt, made up of the minerals potassium and iodine. It is generally delivered in a granular form or a neutral aqueous solution.

Why Is It Needed?

In the event of a nuclear attack or accident, radioactive iodine would be released in the air, and eventually deposited in the water and on the land. It would be primarily inhaled and absorbed into an inhabitant’s thyroid gland, causing negative health effects and long-term bodily harm. Children are particularly susceptible.

How Does It Work?

Certain forms of iodine help one’s thyroid function properly. The thyroid is designed to absorb and store iodine, but it can only hold so much, and will readily absorb any type of iodine, regardless of whether it is radioactive or not. Because of this, Potassium Iodide, which is NOT harmful to the thyroid gland, works by “filling up” the gland so it cannot absorb any harmful radioactive iodine.

How Much Should Be Taken?

There are two ways that KI should be taken. Step One is a daily basis amount, and Step Two is a radiation emergency amount.

Is It Safe To Take KI?

A low dose of maintenance Potassium Iodide is safe to take on a regular basis to achieve 100% of the US RDA of Iodine. Excessive amounts, above the US RDA, as high doses can be detrimental when taken over long periods of time. Pregnant women and newborns should check with their doctor. People who are allergic to iodine should not take KI, and those who have rare disorders should consult their doctor first.

When Should It Be Taken?

Low dose, maintenance KI should be taken every day. High dose KI should be taken only at the instruction of public health or government emergency officials. Remember, taking high dose KI is not a substitute for evacuation. Citizens must leave the area immediately if they are instructed to do so.

Healthy Thyroid Care Facts

Maintaining and supporting a healthy thyroid on a daily basis is extremely important. Take a bio-available thyroid care formula that includes potassium iodide as a dietary supplement each day to get 100% of the US RDA of Iodine. With this step, you are promoting the healthy functioning of the thyroid gland and conditioning it for efficient uptake of iodine in an emergency situation.

Scientific studies have demonstrated the importance of iodine, selenium, zinc, copper, and manganese in promoting the health of the thyroid. This vital gland, located on either side of the middle of your neck, is very important for producing hormones that influence nearly every organ and tissue in the body. Thyroid hormones regulate the body’s metabolism, organ function, affect heart rate, cholesterol levels, body weight, energy levels, muscle strength, body temperature, skin conditions, menstrual regularity, memory and even bowel function. The Eniva Thyroid Care Formula is designed to promote the normal and healthy functioning of this important gland.

Please remember, when it comes to nuclear readiness, there is no second chance. In an age when terrorism and nuclear mishaps are a distinct possibility, you need to be proactive. You need to be informed. You need to have resources on hand, in your homes and businesses.

This information is meant to communicate the possibility of radiation contamination and its effect on a healthy thyroid. Proper nutritional supplementation may aid in supporting a healthy thyroid, and an oral prophylaxis approved by the FDA will assist in protecting against and/or minimizing radiation contamination. This information is not to be considered medical advice or replace the advice of a medical professional or an emergency government official. It is not intended to treat, diagnose, or cure any disease. People who are allergic to iodine should not take potassium iodide products.


* This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Diaphragm Breathing

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By: Dr. Eileen Psencik

How to Properly Consume Your Oxygen!

What is the correct way to breathe?
When you inhale your stomach should rise to allow your diaphragm to drop and your lungs to fully expand. This means stick your stomach out! When you exhale, bring your belly button into your spine. The best example of this is healthy newborn babies! Somewhere along the way, most people seem to get off this ideal breathing pattern and relearning it can be very frustrating.

Below are instructions on how to focus on your ideal breathing.

  • IN nose and OUT nose
  • Breathing should initiate from the lower abdomen, the deeper and more relaxed a breath is, the lower the abdomen it originates
  • Your lower ribs should expand out
  • Your shoulders should not move up vertically
  • Focus on the exhalation, emptying the lungs

Practice your proper breathing
1. 2x/day (morning and afternoon/evening) for 10-20 breaths
2. 1x/hour for 2-3 breaths

Extensive List of Remedies for Radiation

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Don’t Panic: Natural And Very Effective Alternatives To Potassium Iodide Are Everywhere

The Japanese nuclear disaster has everybody on edge and people are panicking. Potassium Iodide has flown off the shelves at a rate where stockpiles could not meet demands. What most people don’t realize is that there are literally hundreds of other foods and supplements that protect the entire body and organ systems (not just the thyroid) and they’re typically safer and far more effective than potassium iodide.

In an interview about Japan’s crisis with, world renown neurosurgeon, Dr. Russell Blaylock stated “of course people near the site face the greatest danger,” he said. “Anything over 150 rads [a measurement of radiation] is going to produce radiation sickness. And they’re getting close to that level, from what I understand…At about 100 to 400 rads you drastically increase death risk. Once you get above 600 rads, about 95 percent of people are going to die within two weeks. This is what they’re worried about.”

Blaylock suggest that people may need to take several supplements to protect against the effects of radiation. “Taking these supplements not only protects you against radiation but a lot of other diseases including cancer, brain degeneration.”

Gingko biloba can be protective even after exposure to radiation according to Blaylock.

A report published and October, 2009 issue of the International Journal of Low Radiation added evidence to a protective effect for Ginkgo biloba against radiation damage. Ginkgo biloba is a tree species whose leaves have been used for centuries in Chinese medicine. Ginkgo leaf extract contains antioxidant compounds called ginkgolides and bilobalides which help scavenge free radicals that attack nearly all components of the cell, including DNA.

In their article, Chang-Mo Kang of the Korea Institute of Radiological and Medical Sciences in Taegu and colleagues describe their use of an assay for radiation-induced programmed cell death (apoptosis) to evaluate the protective effect of ginkgo extract against radiation exposure that occurs during accidents or occupational overexposure. In one experiment, white blood cells from human donors aged 18 to 50 were treated with one of four concentrations of ginkgo extract or a 9 percent saline solution before being exposed to gamma rays.

The researchers found a significant dose-dependent reduction in apoptotic cells among those treated with ginkgo. While radiation-induced apoptosis occurred in nearly one third of irradiated cells not treated with ginkgo, the number declined to 5 percent or less in cells treated with the herb.

Beta-glucan protects the bone marrow. Since the 1940s, scientists, through Beta Glucan Research, have been evolving the scientific evidence of the remarkable abilities of a simple substance derived from baker’s yeast to effectively potentiate and activate the immune response, and to work through nutritional potentiation of the immune response in the body’s war against cancer, ulcers, radiation exposure, infection, and trauma.

Curcumin also can offer protection after exposure, particularly against breast cancer. Curcumin protects against radiation-induced acute and chronic toxicity in skin.

The amino acid L-glutamine is standardly used by nutritionists to help rebuild intestinal walls, and preclinical studies by Fasano (2002) suggest glutamine might be useful in treatment of radiation injuries to the gastrointestinal tract.

When the blood producing organs atrophy due to the radiation, this dramatically raises the susceptibility to infection, hemorrhage and anemia, all of which pose potentially lethal threats. Mushroom supplements (from JHS Naturals) can help rebuild the immune system during this period. The shortage of red blood cells (anemia) causes fatigue, weakness, paleness, and difficulty breathing with physical exertion. Bee pollen may also be useful as it helps increase RBC and WBC counts, enhances vitality and energy, is a general immune stimulant, and has been found to protect people from radiation sickness and specifically reduces the side effects from radium and cobalt 60.

People with Acute Radiation Syndrome (ARS) typically also suffer some kind of skin damage which can start to show within a few hours after exposure and can include swelling, itching, and redness of the skin (like a bad sunburn). Various homeopathic remedies can help with this type of condition. A mainstream treatment of radiation injury is the use of Aloe vera preparations on damaged areas of skin because it has demonstrated remarkable healing properties even for chronic ulcerations resulting from radiation exposure.

Melatonin and it’s antioxidative effects offer protection against cellular damage caused by ionizing radiation.

The seed buckwheat is high in rutin, helps to protect against radiation and stimulates new bone marrow production.

The mucilaginous fibers in seaweed help to prevent the reabsorbtion of radioactive strontium 90.

Sea vegetables contain a polysaccharide substance, called sodium alginate, which selectively bound radioactive strontium and eliminated it from the body.

Following the bombing of Nagasaki, a group of surviving macrobiotic doctors and their patients avoided radiation sickness by eating brown rice, miso and seaweed. They also did not get leukemia. Seaweeds also help to break down fatty deposits.

High chlorophyll foods like wheatgrass and barley grass strengthen cells, transport oxygen, help to detoxify the blood and liver as well as helping to neutralize polluting elements and stimulate RNA production.

Sulfur rich vegetables like broccoli, cabbage and mustard greens combine with heavy metals and help to prevent free radical damage.

High pectin foods like carrots, sunflower seeds and apples help to keep pollutants from being assimilated.

Use liver cleansing foods such as artichokes, beets and radishes.

Fermented foods like miso, unpasteurized sauerkraut and yogurt help to promote healthy intestinal flora.

Garlic keeps radioactive isotopes from being absorbed.

Nutritional yeast (non-MSG), high in B vitamins binds, absorbs and carries heavy metals out of our systems.

Select foods that are as organic as possible. Learn to identify and eat some of the wild edible plants from unpolluted areas such as chickweed, dandelion, malva and violets.

Burdock – During the Industrial Revolution, burdock was recommended as medicine to help people cope with the increased pollution. Helps improve skin and liver conditions. Alterative, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, demulcent, nutritive and rejuvenative.

Chaparral – Alterative, antifungal, antioxidant and immune stimulant.

Dandelion – Improves function of body’s organs of elimination. Consider how this plant has done a good job for itself adapting to environmental pollutants. Helps with depression, liver and skin problems. Antifungal, cholagogue, diuretic, liver tonic and nutritive.

Echinacea – Stimulates white blood cell and interferon production. Alterative, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, immune stimulant.
Eleuthero can help alleviate fatigue, ameliorate symptoms from chemical and radiation exposure and lessen the effects of stress. Adaptogen, chi tonic and immune stimulant.

Green and black tea – Helps with allergies, congestion, depression and fatigue. Antioxidant, decongestant, immune stimulant, nervine and stimulant.

Milk thistle seed – Use for chemical exposure, environmental illness and liver damage. Antioxidant, cholagogue and hepatoprotective.

Myrrh – Increases motility of white blood cells and normalizes mucus membrane activity. Alterative, anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antiseptic, decongestant and rejuvenative.

Nettles – Improves allergies, anemia, convalescence and headache. It helps to reduce sensitivities by binding immunoglobulin. Adrenal tonic, alterative, cholagogue, expectorant, kidney tonic, nutritive and respiratory tonic.

Red clover – Improves health in general. Alterative, anti-inflammatory, antitussive, expectorant and nutritive.

Yellow dock – Improves the function of the kidneys, liver, lymphatic system, intestines and skin thus aiding the body’s natural cleansing process. Aids anemia, convalescence, heavy metal toxicity and swollen glands. Alterative, antiseptic, blood tonic and cholagogue.

Pink yarrow flower essence is a specific for environmental sensitivities.

Vitamin A and beta-carotene improves tissue strength and decrease wound healing time.

The B complex can improve stress and fatigue.

Vitamin C gives protection against a wide range of pollutants, reduces allergy symptoms and improves healing time.

Selenium, helps protect one from heavy metal toxicity.

Zinc is needed for B and T cell production. It also helps in the elimination of aluminum, cadmium, copper and lead.

Glutathione is very protective against environmental pollutants. L-cysteine helps the liver breakdown chemicals.

Calcium helps protect the body from absorbing radioactive materials and magnesium helps prevent the uptake of strontium 90. Bee pollen is extremely nutritive and

Bentonite clay can be used for heavy metal detox as well as to remove radiation. Internal clays have been used for detoxification for hundreds of years. As with all clays, the more you use, the quicker you tend to detox and the longer the treatment the better.

High nucleotide content foods to assist in cellular repair including spirulina, chlorella, algae, yeast, sardines, liver, anchovies and mackerel

Marine phytoplankton reduces the side effects of radiation exposure.

Oral sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) can diminish the severity of the changes produced by uranium in the kidneys.

Anti-virals such as ionic silver and olive leaf extract to help the immune system ward off infections and illness. Immune systems are typically weakened by radiation exposure.

Homeopathic Remedies:

1.Cadmium sulph 30 or Potassium iodide 30 taken once before and once after an atomic explosion. These are generally used before symptoms appear, but can be used after as well.
2.Cobaltum 30C has been known to remove side effects of radiation by taking it four times in one day for 2-3 days. Then an assessment is taken to determine if more is needed and how often. If needed from that point, it is generally used four times in one day every two weeks for 2-3 months. In the hands of a skilled homeopath, this remedy may be used in a 200C potency.
3.Radium bromatum 30C has been used when skin eruptions or arthritis appear. Generally, take it twice daily if mild, or up to 5 times per day if more severe. It has been used for as long as many weeks, but as always, under the watchful eye of a skilled homeopath.
4.Arsenicum album 30C in repeated doses every few minutes to half an hour, for approximately 1-2 days, then as needed depending on symptoms.
5.Phosphorus 30C, 200C, and 1M, one after the other in the same fashion as Arsenicum. Together these have a history of being a very useful 1st aid.
6.Calc fluor 12C and Natrum muriaticum 6C thrice daily for months after exposure. More frequently, if necessary. regardless of which other remedies are chosen from above, these two remedies have a way of helping the body eliminate toxins in tandem with the other remedies.

The results you experience due to radiation exposure will entirely depend on the amount of radiation your body absorbs (the dose), the type of radiation you’re exposed to, the route of exposure (the susceptibility of the tissue), and the length of time over which you are exposed.

It is essential that you use as many natural foods and supplements as possible when utilizing methods of prevention. Toxicity levels can build up from many supplements if taken in excess (especially potassium iodide) and the body will not respond favorably to these conditions. Always take the recommended dosages and try to obtain the largest percentage of your antioxidant intake from the consumption of fresh organic sources.

It is the inability to see the effects of chronic, low level toxicities on human health that has been, and remains, our greatest failing as intelligent beings. -Dr. Boyd Haley

Krill Oil Boosts Mental Power

December 20, 2010 by · Leave a Comment 

This Powerful Nutrient Improves Concentration by 60% and Fights ADHD

Posted By Dr. Mercola | December 20 2010 | 32,792 views

A clinical study in children with ADHD showed that they significantly improved both their clinical scores and identified EEG patterns when their diets were supplemented with krill oil for a period of 13 weeks. The EEG patterns of the study participants were compared to a database of more than 400 children with an established ADHD diagnosis, providing ample comparative data.

Dr. Hogne Wik said, “This is an important observation identifying positive effects on the central nervous system (CNS) after supplementation of krill oil in humans. For the first time objective EEG-measurements — before and after a 90 day intervention period with krill oil—have confirmed observed improvements in a clinical CNS condition.”

NPI Center reports:

“… Krill is a pure, natural source of the health-promoting EPA & DHA omega-3 essential fatty acids and the naturally occurring antioxidant astaxanthin.”

NPI Center October 13, 2010

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