August 2010

Why Do My Kids Need Fish Oil?

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By: Dr. Eileen Psencik What is a fish oil? Fish oil is an essential fatty acid (EFA), essential meaning your body cannot make it, it must be provided for your body to work properly! Fish oils are gaining increasing notoriety for their high omega 3 content. There are many forms of omega oils, which differ […]

Cancer Cells Slurp Up Fructose, U.S. Study Finds

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* Study shows fructose is used differently┬áthan glucose. * Findings challenge common wisdom about sugars. WASHINGTON Aug 2 (Reuters) – Pancreatic tumor cells use fructose to divide and proliferate, U.S. researchers said on Monday in a study that challenges the common wisdom that all sugars are the same. Tumor cells fed both glucose and fructose […]

Evidence Against the Flu Shot

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(NaturalNews) As ridiculous as it seems, retailers across the U.S. are already stocking their stores with Christmas goods. It’s all about the big commercial push, of course, since retailers make about 50 percent of their profits during the Christmas season. Similarly, flu vaccine manufacturers generate huge profits during the Christmas season, too, and they’ve already […]

Vitamin D Deficiency in Infants

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NaturalNews August 2, 2010 Two studies published in the journal Pediatrics highlight that although vitamin D deficiency is widespread among infants in the United States, most pediatricians remain unaware of the problem. The first study, conducted by researchers from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), found that only 5 to 13 percent […]